Services for future workers in Canada

Extensive onboarding and integration program for future workers entering Canada.

Services for future workers

Job search

Job search assistance in Quebec for future workers based on your attractions and certifications.

Health insurance

Application for health insurance travel for all future workers in Canada.

Request for equivalence

Equivalency of certifications and studies outside Quebec for future workers in Canada.


Searching for accommodation in Canada for future workers and accompanying them to your home when they arrive in Canada.

Immigration services

Immigration services offered by our Canadian Immigration Consultant or by a lawyer who is a member of the Quebec Bar.

Opening a bank account

Assistance in opening a bank account for future workers when they arrive in Canada.

How does it work?



During this stage we will take the time to answer your questions and receive the necessary documents for the work request.



Our team of professionals takes charge of the file and verifies the worker's information.



Reception in the country and taking care of the different needs of the worker for his success.



Assistance throughout the stay to ensure complete satisfaction and success of the worker in his/her new environment.

Let us take care of your domestic applications